About us

About our company

Allen Consulting Group, LLC is an information technology search and staffing firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was originally started in 1993 doing IT contract and direct hire placements.

Successful careers in the IT, Staffing, Creative and Gaming industries allow us to have informed conversations with clients and candidates about programming, game design, graphics development, 3D design, web development and all other aspects of IT and interactive game development.

Our Process


Candidate interviews are done in-person or by video. We discuss technical skills, management abilities, design, and development skills. We find out a candidate’s personal involvement in technical projects, what did you do on this project. We don't want to waste anybody's time.

We assess a candidate’s self-motivation, drive, attitude, their ability to work with a team, and their desire / ability to work from home.

We look at client requirements and compare them to candidate requirements and skill sets. If everything is match, we submit a resume. If not, we keep looking.

We Look at Requirements

If we don't know what the client needs, we will never find a candidate. If we don't know what the candidate is looking for, won't be able to find them the right job. Figuring out what the client wants is critical. Figuring out what the candidate wants is the same.

Why work with us?

We Understand Gaming Technology

Both clients and candidates benefit from working with recruiters who understand their business, understand their technology and produce quality results. We have a technical gaming background with an excellent understanding of graphic design, 3D art, animation, sound editing, video and writing code. We understand all this stuff. We know how it works. We thoroughly screen candidates to determine if their skill sets and client requirements are a good match.

We Understand Information Technology

We have several years of experience in IT. We understand requirements gathering, system design, methodologies, web development, database administration, infrastructure, cloud, and desktop support. We use our personal experience when we screen IT candidates to make sure they understand the job requirements and make sure the candidate has the necessary skills to meet the client’s needs.