About us

About our company

Allen Consulting Group, LLC is owned and operated by Tom Allen. He has 21 years of technical IT experience and another 23 years in the IT staffing business in St. Louis.

His most recent position (the last 10 years) was at Byrne Software Technologies where he was responsible for selling software development services and recruiting technical IT candidates. He is on the board of directors of the Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association (MKSSA.org) and was President of the St. Louis BMW Car Club from 2004 to 2013 (stlbmwcca.org).

Tom’s IT experience ranges from application development to project management to IT director. He has a strong background in both programming and systems design. His communication skills are excellent; he can talk to developers, managers and executives about business topics, technical topics and potential solutions. Tom personally interviews all candidates and all clients.

Candidate interviews are all done in-person, face-to-face. We discuss technical skills, management abilities, design skills, front-end, middle-tier, and back-end development skills. We find out about the candidate’s personal involvement in technical projects, listen to their communication skills, determine their motivation for switching jobs and discuss compensation. We make an assessment of the candidate’s self-motivation, drive, attitude, and their ability to work with a team. Some clients need a developer to sit in a cubicle and write code eight hours per day. Other clients want a developer who can do user presentations, be a business analyst and handle customer-facing conversations (in addition to writing code). These are two very different developers.

We tell technical candidates that fifty percent of the hiring equation is skill-based (technical skills, development skills). Can you do this job? The other fifty-percent is you ( personality, team skills, verbal communication, written communication, attitude). Are others going to want to work with you? Both halves are very important.

We look at all of the client requirements and compare them to the candidate requirements and skillsets. If we have a match, we submit a resume. If not, we keep looking.

If you want to switch jobs or if you want to hire someone, Allen Consulting Group, LLC could be the solution for you.

Why hire us?

We Understand The Technology

Both clients and candidates will benefit from working with a recruiter with an extensive technical background - .NET, Java, web development, SharePoint, mobile development (IOS, Android, responsive design), database technology (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL). For decades, we have hired people who are masters in these technology stacks. We understand all of this stuff. We know how it works. We can find people that can do this.

Deep-Dive Requirements Gathering

If we don’t know what the client needs, we’ll never find a candidate. If we don’t know what the candidate is looking for, we’ll never find them a job. We can work from a written job spec, but we prefer to meet clients in person to discuss the job. Figuring out what the client wants is critical. Figuring out what the candidate wants is equally critical.

There’s No Magic To This

The things we do are not magical, it’s a lot of hard work. We find out what the client wants and what the candidate is looking for and we put the two together. The key is understanding both sides of the equation and ending up with two winners, the client and the candidate. We get it. This is what we do, and we’re good at it!

It’s Your Choice

Do you want to work with a person that has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by IT executives? Someone with extensive knowledge of the St. Louis IT staffing industry? Someone with a technical background who understands both the business and technical sides of IT? And someone who personally knows a ton of developers from a 40+ year IT career in St. Louis? If so, you ought to call Tom at (314) 363-1185.