Game Editor Developer

Game Editor Developer

Job Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Description

Game Editor Developer

Job Description

Large gaming client in Seattle area is looking for an experienced software engineer. This is a contracting position expected to last 12 months with the possibility of extension.

Person hired will help extend a next generation game editor to enable artists and designers to create innovative games.

Client is looking for a talented and experienced programmer with proven ability to help us deliver a solid, usable system to create content for AAA game titles. Must understand and have experience with the challenges of large, real-time application development.


• As an engineer on the assets and objects workflows team you will work with artists, designers and engineers to modify an internally developed game engine to improve the experience and capabilities of the team and empower the next phase of content to be created.

• Work across many different disciplines to enable artists and designers to bring our game to life and push the boundaries of what people expect from real-time games.

Qualifications and Skills

• At least 3 years of professional C# and C++ experience.

• Experience developing large WPF applications.

• Passion for creating amazing AAA game experiences.

• Strong cross-team communication skills.

• Good understanding of algorithms, performance, optimization and debugging.

• Previous game development experience and knowledge of game development technologies.

• Strong UX design sensibilities.

• Experience with different 3d art packages and pipelines.

• Experience with DirectX and graphics programming.

• Solid 3D Math skills (linear algebra and trig.)