Asset Inventory Specialist

Asset Inventory Specialist

Job Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Description

Asset Inventory Specialist

Job Description

AAA gaming client in Seattle is looking for an Asset Inventory Specialist.

Responsible for all aspects of IT asset management. Work from asset procurement and sourcing, through disposition, including inventory management.

This is a contracting position and may last up to 18 months.


Perform Studio-wide monitoring, controlling, and tracking of IT managed assets for the entire Game Studio.

Support IT and Admin teams by assisting with equipment roll-outs and inventories.

Data entry and management of all equipment and fixed asset inventory (done in database).

Ensuring all fixed assets are in good working condition or equipment maintenance needs are being met.

Coordinate returns with manufacturers.

Proactively ensure all inventories are in good standing and protects the Game Studio from being susceptible to global supply chain shortages.

Partner with administrators on technology refresh program for user devices. Includes planning, procurement, coordination, deployment and redistribution of old equipment.

Assist with life cycle analysis to determine what assets will be replaced to include age, condition and performance of asset.

Identifies and implements opportunities to streamline the asset management process and cost reduction, while maintaining service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Ensures all assets are tracked appropriately and that they can be reconciled at any time with the accounting fixed asset system.

Qualifications and Skills

Knowledge and ability to Receive, Process, Store, Maintain, Distribute, Loan, Audit, and Dispose of Microsoft Fixed Assets.

Knowledge of desktop hardware, operating systems and network connectivity (for testing purposes).

Knowledge of IT asset management systems including asset management processes, asset updates and report management.

Knowledge of IT asset management inventory, move, additions and change processes.

Knowledge of reporting databases and reporting queries.

Knowledge of fixed asset standards for managing hardware in a corporate environment.

Knowledge of inventory best practices and safety guidelines.

Ability to coordinate activities with department liaisons.

Ability to systematically solve problems related to asset data and reporting.

Ability to develop, review and edit process documentation.

Ability to work effectively with others.

Ability to pick up and move IT hardware weighing up to 40 pounds.