Technical Mocap Animator

Technical Mocap Animator

Job Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Description

Technical Mocap Animator

Job Description

Large gaming client in Seattle, Washington is looking for a Technical Mocap Animator. This is a contracting position potentially lasting up to 18 months.

This person will help run mocap shoots, solve and deliver data to animation teams.


Build sets on mocap stage for upcoming motion capture shoots. 

Help manage the operation and technical maintenance of motion capture stage. 

Work with the motion capture team on shoot days to fill various roles such as running the board, note taking, marker setup, camera operation, facial setup, real-time, and hardware troubleshooting. 

Track and organize large amounts of data, ensure it is properly solved, and ensure a smooth delivery to animators. 

Set up live retargeting solutions for a variety of character types. 

Ensure animation quality is not limited by technical processes or constraints. 

Act as a service for our animation team to support them during production. 

Write scalable tools to automate common processes.

Qualifications and Skills

Must have experience working on a motion capture stage.

Must understand how to efficiently organize, track, and deliver motion capture data.

A minimum of three years of experience with optical motion capture systems or software such as Motive, Cortex, or Shogun.

Solid understanding of Maya and MotionBuilder.

Experience with data capture and delivery.   Experience with real-time setup and support. 

Prefer to have Python and PyQT skills demonstrating tools and pipeline development. 

FaceWare or similar HMC experience Peelsolve, HIK, Ikinema or similar solving experience. 

Shipped AAA title as part of a mocap or technical animation team is a major plus.