Marketing/Brand Graphic Design Generalist

Marketing/Brand Graphic Design Generalist

Job Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Description

Marketing/Brand Graphic Design Generalist

One of our gaming studio clients in the Seattle area is searching for an exceptionally talented and passionate Graphic Designer and overall Graphic Art Generalist.

This is a full-time, direct-hire position, no contracting involved. This position has the option of working full-time in the Seattle office or being fully remote.

Client wants to hire a person that can create stunning, high-impact Marketing, Promotional and Community-targeted visuals across many platforms and formats. This position creates promotional, packaging, and advertising content for this studio’s games.


Create a wide range of custom layouts and designs representing a variety of franchise-related products, incorporating illustration elements, logos with typography and other graphic elements (both provided and personally created).

Design entirely new graphics and collateral materials when required, from fun promotional items to awesome convention-floor displays, and more.

Work closely with the Art Director, Marketing and Community Leads, Producers and Executive Leadership to design and refine the assets and compositions, from layout/concept sketches and mockups through the refinement stages to the final product.

Work with different versions of our products’ logos and other brand graphics, creatively adapting them to a range of unique uses, designing new themes and ‘skins’.

Be comfortable working in the current brand style to match the look of our prior marketing and promo materials, while also being able to creatively expand and adapt that style for special situations, and even to help lead its broader style evolution over time.

Be extremely confident using a range of 2D design tools to take the color imagery from our illustrators and create, rearrange, recompose, and customize a wide range of layouts needed for the many different formats and uses required for public-facing marketing and player community needs.

Collaborate closely with our other marketing/promotional Illustrator(s) and 3D artists, in the creation of the above.


Minimum of 5 years of experience as a commercial Graphic Designer, with substantial promotional/packaging/advertising experience.

Deep knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., and confidence with their many interrelated features including layers, masks, adjustment layers, smart objects, etc.

Working familiarity with Microsoft Office and G-Suite tools (Google Slides, etc) to create ancillary marketing or communication documents such as slide decks and more.

Willingness to execute work in the established Graphic Design style, working with the Art Director and other visual design colleagues to define and even evolve that look over time.

Strong self-motivation, professionalism, communication and organization, and awesome team-player attitude; creative flexibility and willingness to take detailed creative direction, often through many rounds of client revisions.

Strong proficiency in foundational Graphic Design principles such as typography, composition, layout, color & value theory.

At least some knowledge and experience engaging with media production partners, providers, and vendors, from printers to website hosts and other various intermediary studios, agencies, etc.


Experience working with 3D software (e.g Blender, Maya, etc) ideally as a part of a ‘hybrid 2D/3D process’ but at a minimum for establishing basic static compositions to serve as the ‘base’ for the final 2D-finished pieces.

Experience working in the Unreal Engine.

Experience with web design.

BFA or Portfolio demonstration of industry standard skill set.

Some experience with other non-static (MotionGraphics) media and tools, Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects to create moving/animated content, and Blender or C4D for 3D, for instance.

Required Application Materials:


A robust portfolio, which showcase the variety and genre-fit described above and includes some samples of the entire graphic design creative development process, from sketches/mockups through tight roughs to finals.