C# Web Developer and Project Lead

C# Web Developer and Project Lead

Job Location: St. Louis, MO

Job Salary: to $120k

Job Description

Job opening for a C# web developer at a client here in St. Louis. Job is a full-time perm, direct-hire, not a contract, not a contract-to-hire, dollars to $120k, full benefits.

But this job has a twist.....it's not all web development.

The client develops and sell software packages. Initially, you will dive head-first into the technical side of their packages, write code, add custom modifications, fix production bugs, work with databases and learn the functional side of the software. Once you're comfortable with the applications, probably about a year, you'll get to be client-facing. You'll be managing implementation teams, defining client-specific software modifications, managing conversions, while continuing to write web applications.

Most of the work can be done from St. Louis, little to no travel is expected.

Requirements: Excellent development skills, c#, asp.net, javascript, sql server, agile shop, business analysis skills, ability to lead a technical team and must have great communication skills.

So, if you like to sit in a cubicle all day and write code, enjoy interfacing with only a project manager or business analyst, this is probably not the job for you.

But if you are an excellent techie who can truly LEAD projects, loves to talk to users, and welcomes variety, this could be a great fit.